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Lowest International Rates with guaranteed call quality & stability using our own telecom network

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Scratch & Call, no hidden fees

Avoid costly international call charges, and prevent unexpected call charges.

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Guaranteed lowest international call rates

FoneGlobal calling card offers the lowest international rates without compromising call quality and with no hidden fees.

FoneGlobal Packaged Bundles

Tailored to fit any requirement

Benefit from additional free minutes and extra savings included on all bundled cards €20+


Easy to Use

Use your mobile or landline to call anywhere in the world in 4 simple steps.

Balance Expiration

Use your card for up to 12 months after activation. Also benefit from no contract, service fee, any hidden and non-usage fees.

Guaranteed Quality

Our focus is on call quality and pricing. FoneGlobal is powered by our our own telecom network to ensure your call is perfect every time