Company Overview

Magnus Pro is a leading paint protection film (PPF) in global market with a wide range of products & services including automotive, yacht interior protection & IT gadget protection

  • Instant self healing ability without relying on heat elements
  • Impact-Resistant Material Designed to Protect From Stone-Chips, Abrasion & Debris


Automotive Protection

Revolutionary paint protection film based on covalent nanotechnology that features self healing ability on scratches & ultra thick polymeric structure. MAGNUS PRO FILMS are TESTED and PROVEN by SGS.

Furniture Protection

We aim to marry protection and artisan furnitures by preventing it from scratches, dirts and color fading. Magnus Pro revolutionary film is extremely agile yet robust. Customization of furniture protection is made possible with our sophisticated designing computer software. As a result, your beautifully crafted furniture will remain stylish, glossy and remained protected.